Seeing Taiwan in Global Affairs [GLA2091H]

A brief look at the Seeing Taiwan in Global Affairs course at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs.

 Liberty Square in Taipei. Photo courtesy of  Tingyaoh .

Liberty Square in Taipei. Photo courtesy of Tingyaoh.

Course Introduction:

Seeing Taiwan in Global Affairs [GLA2091H] is jointly offered the Munk School’s Master of Global Affairs and the Global Taiwan Program at the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto in Fall 2017.

The Seeing Taiwan seminar uses an innovative approach to rethink the significance of Taiwan in global affairs. Specifically, using Taiwan as a site, we will examine a range of critical issues that are not just central to understanding Taiwan but also the contemporary world in general. Global issues being investigated include environmental politics and green activism, nationalism and democracy, the politics of memory, the Cold War, high-tech innovation and urban infrastructures, media culture, as well as religion and capitalism.

This course offers a rare opportunity for students to develop their interdisciplinary analytical and research skills. It is taught by a faculty team that comes from a variety of disciplinary and methodological backgrounds. In addition, prominent scholars, politicians, and activists from Taiwan are invited to join the intellectual discussions.

Course Coordinator: Professor Tong Lam (History)

Faculty Team

Aland Boland. (Geography)
Takashi Fujitani (Asia-Pacific Studies)
Evie Gu (Visual Arts)
Malavika Kasturi (History)
Tong Lam (History)
Barton Scott (History)
Joseph Wong (Political Science)
Lisa Yoneyama (East Asian Studies)


September 12 Taiwan Matters (Lam)

September 19 Small State in Global Affairs (Wong)

September 26 Histories and Memories of Japanese Colonialism (Fujitani)

October 3 Colonial Taiwan in Film (Gu)

October 10 The Politics of Visual Culture (Gu)

October 17 Contemporary Taiwan Politics (Lam/Yun)

October 24 Cold War and Taiwan (Yoneyama).

October 31 Governance and Neoliberalism (Scott)

November 7 READING WEEK: No Class

November 14 Middle Class Sensibilities, Popular Religiosity, and Capitalism (Kasturi)

November 21 Environment and Green Activism (Boland)

November 28 Migration (Silvey)

December 5 Infrastructures (Lam)

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